Open Physics. Part I

Open Physics. Part I 2.5

Open Physics 2.5 Part I is the innovative Multimedia Physics...

Open Physics 2. 5 Part I is the innovative Multimedia Physics Course with Internet support designed for high schools, colleges and edutainment.

The course features:complete textbook with color imagesover 50 interactive simulationsover 400 problems and questionslaboratory worksstudent's registrysearch enginemagnifier toolPart I covers:MechanicsMechanical Oscillations and WavesThermodynamics and Molecular PhysicsThe product is developed using the latset technologies and pedagogic achievements, and is designed for both teaching in class and independent education.

Each simulation demonstrates a computer experiment featuring: computer animation, graphs, numerical values. The course is a powerful tool for increasing knowledge and strengthening students' interest in physics.

Through changing parameters and observing results of the experiment the student can interactively analyse each experiment. The course offers wide opportunities in learning physics featuring advanced interactivity.